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    Baby Support Seat Plush Soft Baby Sofa

    Cash on Delivery
    Delivery Time: 5 Working Days
    WhatsApp : +92 318 0020221

    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Pure Posture Seat Cushion

    – Helps relieve fatigue, lower back pain & numbness.
    – Align your pelvis and spine as you sit on hard surfaces
    – For long time driving in the car or sitting at an office desk.
    – Makes every chair a comfortable chair.
    – Lightweight and portable-use it anywhere.
    – Ultra soft high density foam keeps its shape.
    – Easy to clean material.
    – Provides all day support.
    – Micro-tube Technology Cushions
    – Size:60*60*12cm

    6,000.00 3,000.00
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    Shinon 3 in 1 Hair Crimper + Hair Curler + Hair Straightener

    200/- Delivery
    Straightener Cutler Crimper + cover
    Color will be random same as in the picture
    Great For All Hair Types
    High Quality
    Salon Quality Results.
    Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 40W
    360 Degree rotation power line.
    Wet/Dry use with steam spray system.
    2 pin plug-Suitable use in Malaysia
    Product Size: 26cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 2.5cm(H)
    Package Size: 31.5cm(L) x 10cm(W) x 5cm(H

    4,400.00 2,200.00
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    Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

    • 200 Delivery
    •  Cut and wash, easy and fast, rotating buckle, asphalt basket is always stable, easy to wash vegetable and drainage. You can use a different knife head according to your requirements, it is more convenient for you to cook. You can cut vegetables and then clean them directly through a drainage device. Comfortable handle can be controlled with one hand, free one hand. Skid stability, ventilation, and ventilation will not scratch the table. The cutting cover can be removed freely for easy use. Asphalt clean fast, that is, wash and drain. Magic Multifunctional Rotate Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket Kitchen Veggie Fruit Shredder Grater Slicer Images
    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Stylish Fashionable Digital Touch Magnet Lock Watch

    • 200/- Delivery
    •  LED digital watch
    • Stainless Steel Mesh Chain.
    • Date, Month and Time.
    • Water Proof
    3,400.00 1,700.00
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    Rotating Make Up Organizer

    6,000.00 3,000.00
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    Dimmable Vanity Lights

    Never makeup in the dark anymore! With these 10 Hollywood style dimmable LED Light bulbs you are provided with enough brightness to makeup in the dark. The Vanity Lights can be added on every mirror or window. The bulbs are 4000k lights, and therefore really bright. Our vanity lights are recommended by professional makeup -artists. The lights are soft and not dazzeling, so while you makeup, your eyes are not hurt in any way.

    6,500.00 3,250.00
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    Dry Fruit & Candy Box

    When hosting I always like to have variety of snacks and treats for both the adults and kiddos, but I always run into the issue of space…how do I provide so many options without my counter looking cluttered with a million little candy dishes? This nifty flower lets you store and display five (for the one tier option) to ten (for the two tier option) different snacks in the same cute container!

    The container is made of non-toxic ABS plastic so cleanup is a breeze. To open the flower you simply turn the small white knob on the top (otherwise known as the stamen of the flower). As you turn the knob, the petal containers of the flower will slowly open – like its blooming just for you! When open you can pack your favorite nuts, candies, fruits, sewing items, small toys, etc…in the petals. Once full, you can turn the knob again to store them away and out of sight…or leave the flower open as a beautiful and colorful display! Depending on the option that you choose, the knob may also open up allowing you to store toothpicks or other small items.

    The small option is 27 cm wide and 7.5 cm tall.
    The large option is 27 cm wide and 8 cm tall…a drastic difference…I know…
    And the double decker is 27 cm wide and 13 cm tall.With the double decker, both flowers will “bloom” when you turn the knob.

    5,000.00 2,500.00
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    Self-Wringing Flipping Lazy Mop

    Microfiber Imported Hand Free Squeezing device, easy to operate 360 degree rotating mop head helps clean corners Mop plate can bounce back and keep vertical after mopping Stand upright storage, space saving & keep the mop dry naturally

    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Beard Straightener 1500+200 Delivery

    The Quick Beard Straightening is the first men’s heated straightening brush, designed exclusively to smooth out facial hair for an effortlessly soft finish.
    Quick Beard Straightening is the ultimate advantage in a world of average beards. Using a low profile design and negative ion technology, a thick out of control beard can be transformed into a soft, smooth, enviable look.
    Combining the functionality of a hairbrush with the power of heat, the Quick Beard Straightening restores your beard to masculine, groomed perfection in just 30 seconds.
    Long Lasting, Effortless Style: Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy-to-achieve and takes only minutes touch up, even with the roughest, coarsest hair.
    Multi-use – Beard and Head! when your beard is looking pristine, the Quick Beard Straightening is the perfect tool for touching up head hair too!

    3,400.00 1,700.00
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    Spin Duster

    • 200 Delivery

    -The easy solution to the impossible, back-breaking task of dusting without using a feather duster or dust cleaner
    Electrostatically-charged bristles attract and trap dust making it the perfect ceiling fan cleaner, blind cleaner, mini blind duster, pet hair duster, cobweb duster, and baseboard cleaner
    -Unlike a thick microfiber duster, Spin Duster’s super soft bristles conform to any shape furniture and gently spin away dust – use it as your office duster, fan blade cleaner, or shutter duster
    -Spin Duster is a washable duster – when you’re finished dusting, rinse the dust head, then allow to air dry
    Includes 1 Hurricane Spin Duster and 2 duster heads

    3,000.00 1,700.00
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    Revoflex Extreme In Just 1750/-

    Intense, lightweight and easy abdominal training! Train with the Revoflex Revoflex Xtreme in pakistan simply five minutes on a daily basis and you’ll reach tremendous results! Abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles and glutes area unit trained at once!

    3,500.00 1,750.00
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    Double Sided Wall Clock In Just 2500/- Free Delivery

    Antique Style Double Sided Interior Wall Clock Size (approx.) 32*20*7 CM Material: ABS , Glass and Alloy

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    Royal Posture – Back Support Belt In Just 1200/-

    -High Quality Product
    -Elastic medical upper back posture corrector, with with enhanced comfort.
    -Help acquire skills in maintaining normal physiological posture.
    -For prevention and elimination of fault in posture and spinal curvature.
    -It is recommended to acquire skills in maintaining normal physiological posture.
    -Material: 30% polyester, 25% polyurethane foam, 20% latex, 15%, cotton & 10% nylon
    -Dimension of box: 36.5 x 13.4 x 4.5 cm
    -Color: Random

    2,400.00 1,200.00
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    Rainproof Car Rearview Side Mirror Glass Film In Just 1000+150 Delivery Charges

    Nano-hydrophilic technology.
    It fits all standard size of side mirrors.You can freely cut it into pieces according to your needs.
    Effect: It can protect your driving sight line in the rainy day. It is waterproof and anti-fog with good effect.
    Advantage: It is an innovation and it can solve your trouble that you can’t see the rearview mirror clearly in the rainy day.
    High strength and high transmittance

    2,300.00 1,150.00
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    Sevenfriday M Series Automatic Dark Brown Strap In Just 1300+200 Delivery Charges

    -Color Rose Gold
    -Strap Color Brown
    -Strap Material Leather
    -Premium Quality
    -Strap Color Brown
    -Strap Material Leather
    -Premium Quality

    3,000.00 1,500.00
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    Stainless Steel Analog Magnet Lock Watch For Women (Buy 1 – Get 1 Free)

    • 250 Delivery
    • Color:Black Rose Gold Red Purple
    • Waterproof
    • Case Diameter:32 mm
    • Case Thickness:8 mm
    • Band Width: 16 mm
    • Band Length: 250 mm
    • Product Weight: 50 g
    3,000.00 1,500.00
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    TableTop Kitchen Slicer in just 2500 + 200 Delivery Charges

    3 interchangeable drum blades: fine/coarse grating, slicing
    Easy to use hand-crank mechanism
    Wide hopper for easy insertion
    Angled dispenser reduces clogging
    Powerful suction base adheres to smooth surfaces
    Detachable pieces for easy cleaning

    5,400.00 2,700.00
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    Multifunctional Wash Drain Bowl In Just 1000+200 Delivery Charges

    -Available In Four Colors.
    -It is an essential kitchen tool and very specific helper in your kitchen.
    -A simple, sturdy tool for rinsing and straining beans, berries, pasta, grains, vegetables and more.
    -Its designed to quickly draw water away from food and into the bowl.
    -When you own it, you can throw away many spare baskets in you kitchen.
    -It can save many space to keep the kitchen more Spacious.
    -This is the good helper and the good choice in the kitchen.

    2,400.00 1,200.00
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    Hand Scrubber Gloves In Just 1200 + 200 Delivery Charges

    ✔ECO FRIENDLY & FOOD GRADE MATERIAL CERTIFIED- The Magic Hand Scrubby silicone scrubber gloves are designed and engineered non-slip grip material, it is a one-size gloves that fits perfectly. Our soft cleaning scrubby gloves are made with high quality Japanese Food grade silicon. Natural grade silicone is gentle and soft unlike other rough and industrial grade materials
    ✔ MULTIPURPOSE USE AND OPTIMAL RESULTS- Dishwashing, Pet Grooming, Car Cleaning, Backsplash, Washrooms & Much More! Heat Resistant, Use under boiling water and hot dishes from the oven! Dishwasher Safe- Easy Cleaning-Throw it in the dishwasher to clean
    ✔ NON ABSORBANT & ANTIBACTERIAL FOOD GRADE SILICONE- The Magic Hand scrubbers are Japanese made 100% food grade silicone, which is naturally antibacterial product unlike your typical kitchen sponge- doesn’t hold or contain bacteria, grease, dirt, or scent. Non-Toxic Materials

    2,700.00 1,350.00
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    BUY 2 BLUETOOTH IN JUST (1800/-)
    12m RANGE

    2,200.00 1,100.00
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    Studio Glow Light 1500/- Free Delivery

    Quad Light Technology – Gives you the most natural, even illumination
    Cordless – Installs in seconds using included suction cups, no tools or wiring required
    Portable Design – Take it off the mirror and on the road, easily fits in a suitcase or duffle bag
    Stay-Cool Bulbs – Last up to 50,000 hours, Requires 4 AA batteries -Not Included

    3,000.00 1,500.00
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    Silicone Stretch Lids 6 Pack in just 1200/-

    Environmentally-Friendly: FDA Approved, BPA free, made of A grade stretchy silicone that are so durable and hard to tear or warp,heat-resistant to 450° , non-toxic, BPA free.seal well,no spills,no leak, durable ,dishwasher and freezer safe
    ▶Versatile: Stretchable lid of various sizes(2.6″, 3.7″, 4.5″, 5.7″, 6.5″ and 8.3″), cover different sizes containers, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. Instead of purchasing lots of plastic wraps, these lids are helpful in kitchen.
    ▶Keep Food Fresh: Safe & leak proof, air-tight seal so foods stay freshMake fruits, vegetables, unfinished drinks and other foods storage safety, keep foods fresh and prevent foods from spattering in microwave oven. Leak-prood, prevent water from spilling out.
    ▶Reusable & Easy Clean: Silicone lids is very easy to clean, reusable silicone can eliminating the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap,economical and health
    ▶Advanced: With original design, the lids can prevent bad smell from storing foods in the refrigerator. They are not easy to be out of shape and skid resistant. Come with a silicone scrubber, the lids clean up easily and eliminate the odor. [WARM TIPS: Please keep lid and container dry during use

    2,400.00 1,200.00
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    YES ! Instant hair remover

    • 200 Delivery
    • Move power switch to “ON” position.
      Power LED flashes when “ON” to let you know the product is ready.
      When the Sensa-Light head comes in contact with your skin, the unit will activate and remove hair as long as the head is against your skin.
      The unit will go to “sleep” automatically deactivate, 6 seconds after you remove the Sensa-Light head from your skin.
      The unit will reactivate when reapplied to the skin.
      Upon completing the hair removal, simply move the power switch to “OFF” to shut down the unit
    3,000.00 1,700.00
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    Fast Hair Straightener Brush

    • 200 Delivery

    Model: HQT-906
    Ultra smooth ceramic plates for effortless glide
    Pro variable temperature control for all hair types
    Exclusive heat expansion plate Technology
    Far infrared heat Technology
    Sleek, loght and ergonomic Design
    Straightne, Curl, Flick and Twist in one effrtless pass
    This product is a one-hour auto off function.
    Brand : Fast
    Anti Scald Straightener
    Easy Detangling
    Anion Hair Massager
    60 seconds give you perfect new beautiful hair style
    Display: LCD
    Color: Pink
    Temperature Controller: Digital
    Applicable hair: Dry & wet
    Power: More than 100 W
    Max.Temperature: 230 °C
    Min.Temperature: 80 °C
    Voltage: 220V
    Power Cord : 360° Rotatable

    3,400.00 1,250.00
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    EMS Smart Fitness Muscle Training Gear Abs Training In Just 2250+150

    EMS Smart Fitness apparatus with controller, Electrical muscle stimulation.
    For abdominal muscle training and body partial exercise.
    Adopt the EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) creative high efficiency frequency. let you Fit for Fun.
    Exercises with EMS Smart Fitness minutes equal to 2000M running or Swimming/sit-ups 60 minutes.
    Adjustable 9-level intensity, 6 modes.
    one key fitness, you can wear it under clothes, invisible exercises at any where any time.

    4,800.00 2,400.00
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    Head Lice Removing Machine in just 1750+250 Delivery

    Lice Comb – the innovative allergy and pesticide/chemical-free head lice solution.
    Detects and prevents infestation.
    Eliminates head lice and eggs (nits) – even super lice.
    As easy as combing.
    Gentle on the scalp.
    Electrical Device.
    Hygienic disposable filter system.
    Compact and ergonomic design

    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Huda Beauty 16 Matte Liquid Lipsticks Box In Just 1750+250 Delivery Charges


    01. VIXEN
    03. FAMOUS
    05. FLIRT
    06. VIDEO STAR
    07. ICON
    11. MUSE
    12. MEDUSA
    14. VENUS
    15. SPICE GIRL

    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Portable USB Electric Juicer Bottle Blender Rs 1750+250 Delivery

    -Excellent Value For Money
    -6 Blades
    -High Quality Product
    -Portable and Rechargeable Battery Juice Blender
    -Material: Lid
    -Base Material: Food Grass ABS
    -Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    -Battery Current: 5 – 10 A, 2000 Mah 3.7v
    -Juice Suitable Capacity: 380 ML

    4,000.00 2,000.00
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    Hot Shaper Fitness Belt In Just 1000/-

    Hot Shaper Fitness Belt Overview and Specifications:
    High Quality Product
    Available in 1 design
    It includes; 1 Hot Shapers Belly Belt
    Color: Black
    Size: M, L, XL, XXL
    Maximizes fitness routines
    Slim waist tummy and tights
    Increase your core body temperature
    Made in China

    2,000.00 1,000.00
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    DermaCol Makeup Cover – (Buy 1 – Get 1 Free) 1000 + 200 Delivery Charges

    Legendary high covering make-up
    -Shade Available – 211
    -For all skin types
    -SPF 30
    -Preservative free
    -COVERAGE: Full (extreme)

    2,400.00 1,200.00
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    WaterProof Anti-Theft USB Charging Laptop Backpack in just 2250 + 250 Delivery Charges

    This backpack is designed in a secure and multi-functional style.

    Far Theft-Proof Backpack key features as cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures and secret pockets will keep your belongings safe during your commutes.

    Besides being the safest backpack it is also the most convenient backpack with features such as:

    ✅ Anti thief

    ✅ USB charger

    ✅ High capacity

    ✅ Burden-reducing system

    ✅ Illuminating safety strips

    ✅ Water repellent fabric

    ✅ Weight balance

    ✅ Advanced storage design

    5,000.00 2,500.00
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    Wonder Hangers 750 + 200 Delivery Charges

    – Buy 2 packs for free delivery in just 1499/-
    -Each Wonder Hanger has 5 slots and holds up to 30 lbs – good for heavy winter coats
    -Works with all hanger types – wood, plastic, and metal
    -Perfect for downsizing, dorms, and apartments with limited space
    -Add up to 2 garments per slot for even more space-saving
    -Keep shirts, pants, and blouses organized and wrinkle-free.

    1,900.00 950.00
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    Flawless Hair Remover In Just 999 + 200 Delivery Charges

    -Instantly & Painlessly Removes unwanted facial hair without having to wax, tweeze or laser
    -Built-in light so you dont miss a hair, even the finest hairs and peach fuzz
    -Sleek, compact and discreet is battery operated so its great for on-the-go use and travel

    2,400.00 1,200.00